Gabo Island

Gabo Island is a small Island just off the coast of Mallacoota, approximately a 20 minute boat trip.The Island offers a range of activities to entertain the whole family for hours or even days.

The Island features a spectacular pink granite light house, built in 1862 which at 47m it is the second tallest in Australia. Visitors can climb the lighthouse on a guided tour and enjoy the views for miles around.  There is also a scattering of stone buildings at the base of the lighthouse which include the original lighthouse keepers and assistant lighthouse keepers quarters. The weather room/museum is open to visitors and shows the rich history of the Island and surrounding areas. The stone building near the wharf is possibly to oldest building in Victoria however this can not be verified becasue the exact date it was built is not known.

Gabo Island is home to the largest colony of Little Penguins in Australia and possibly the world, the penguins can be seen as they make their way between their burrows and the sea. There is also a colony of Australian fur seals which have taken up residence on the small rocky out crop at the front of the Island known as Little Gabo. The seals can be seen all year round sunning themselves on the rocks and swimming in the near by waters.

Tours include a guided walk of the Island and climbing the lighthouse and can also include looking at the monumental city monument, cemetery, weather room/meseum, radar station, ruins, quarry etc.

Accommodation on Gabo Island is available in  the original assistant lighthouse keepers quarters for 2-7 nights. The house can sleep up to 8 people in 3 rooms, linen is supplied but you need to take all your own food. For accommodation bookings contact the Mallaccota office of Parks Victoria on (03) 5161 9500 or go to


Gabo Island Lighthouse                                               Entry to the Lighthouse

The Lighthouse Keepers quarters and the Assistant Lighthouse keepers quarters viewed from the top of the Lighthouse


Whale watching from the verandah of the Gabo Island accommodation and from the top of the Lighthouse.

Watching the seals on Little Gabo


The seals on Little Gabo                                                  Swimming seals